Teacher Pay Plus Plan

Chris Jones is calling for our state to invest record surplus funds for education in upcoming special session.

Press Release with Plan Details
Education summit
  • Chris Jones' Teacher Pay Plus Plan

    Check out the details on Jones' Teacher Pay Plus Plan and how it will raise the floor and close the gaps on teacher pay and education quality across Arkansas.

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Raise the Floor, Close the Gaps

For Teachers & Staff:

  • One-Time Surplus Bonus For Teachers and Staff between $1,000-$2,500 per school employee.

  • Raise the Floor with Minimum Teacher Pay: $46,000 this August, raised to $50,000 per year by the end of the first term of the Jones administration and $4,200 for those who already make $46,000 or more.

  • Close the Gaps on rural teacher shortage with a Rural Teacher Incentive Program.

For Local Schools:

  • Deferred Maintenance Building Program (from surplus).

  • Stability Fund (from surplus) to address unexpected economic changes.

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The Promise of Arkansas

Chris Jones wants to spread opportunity all over the state to help improve the lives of every Arkansan. It starts with spreading PB&J (Preschool, Broadband, and Jobs) across the state. That's education, infrastructure and economic development.

See chrisforgovernor.com/promises for the full of list of promises related to education, infrastructure, economy, healthcare, values, and more. See below for promises related to educations.

  • The Promise to Protect Teacher Pay, Resources, and Retirement

    Arkansas is faced with a teacher shortage and schools that are understaffed. We need to pay competitive salaries to support and attract the highly qualified teachers that parents and kids are asking for.

    The Promise to Protect Teacher Pay, Resources, and Retirement
  • The Promise for Preschool for All

    All children in Arkansas should have access to a high quality preschool in their own community— where they can get the foundation they need to start school.

    The Promise for Preschool for All
  • The Promise for Achieving Grade-level Reading

    Since only 37% of Arkansas third graders read at grade level, Chris Jones is focused on providing the resources needed to get every child reading at grade level by third grade.

    The Promise for Achieving Grade-level Reading
  • The Promise to Support Technical & Trade Schools

    Arkansans of all ages should have access to technical schools and workforce training scholarships. As Governor, Chris Jones will help establish standards that keep programs competitive, and Arkansans making good pay for skilled work.

    The Promise to Support Technical & Trade Schools
  • The Promise for Community Colleges

    We need to elevate the community college system to provide low-to-no cost degrees and opportunities that will create a competitive, highly skilled Arkansas workforce.

    The Promise for Community Colleges
  • The Promise to Support Colleges

    The costs of college -– from tuition to building costs — are growing unchecked. Chris Jones supports passing new laws to rework punitive productivity-based funding formulas.

    The Promise to Support Colleges

In The Media

Here is a sampling of the some of the media coverage of our Teacher Plus Plan announcement:

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