The Promise to Support Jobs and Economic Development

Building the Arkansas economy starts with good jobs for everyone that wants one—and Chris Jones plans to invest in businesses, infrastructure, and education programs to realize this goal. know that they are the key to unlocking the potential and success of our communities.

While unemployment has decreased from a pandemic high, over 15 percent of the state remains below the poverty line threshold and the average household income is lower than all but three other states. Chris believes that a critical way to turn this around is to provide avenues to increase good paying jobs and support the businesses that create them.

When Chris was the Executive Director at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, he equipped people with the resources they needed to start their businesses and thrive. He saw firsthand how resources including capital and other monetary investments, workspaces, mentorship, and continued education supports can pave the way to success.

Chris knows that innovation and collaboration is the pathway to success in Arkansas. As governor he must support businesses and entrepreneurs, from mom-and-pop restaurants to cutting edge tech start-ups because Arkansas succeeds when we support our own business leaders, and help them thrive right here in Arkansas.

To support jobs and increase economic development, Chris Jones would:

  • Invest in building stronger infrastructure for financially stable businesses, cutting unnecessary regulatory burdens, and supporting entrepreneurship – especially for homegrown Arkansas businesses
  • Boost local businesses and economies by supporting historic business centers and building infrastructure to protect our communities.
  • Support education from high school to trade school to colleges in order to develop background requirements for young adults to access sustainable-wage jobs
  • Intentionally center and focus resources for groups — including those living in the Delta and South Arkansas — that have been denied access to capital, tax incentives and other programs to establish themselves.