The Promise to Revitalize Main Street

Small businesses are vital to our communities — especially the shops that line our main streets in our more rural communities. But the last two years have been difficult for small businesses: more than 1 in 5 businesses in Arkansas were significantly affected, often leading to closure. Currently, Arkansas’s small businesses fall behind other states with less than ideal financial conditions. Minority-owned businesses are especially vulnerable to these economic shocks.

As governor, Chris Jones is committed to supporting small businesses and keeping main streets alive in the state’s largest cities, and in its smaller towns. Chris Jones would build on his previous record to work with corporations, investors, private equity firms, and entrepreneurs to unleash the full potential of small businesses. This means working to increase investments in our state’s small businesses, including creating systemic support to make wages and benefits more competitive with larger corporations and improve working conditions for employees across the state.

Chris Jones would also work to expand access to capital for small businesses, with a particular attention on the Mississippi Delta Region. This would include funding investments initiatives, encouraging private equity, and enforcing laws that would foster fair competition. This work would build on and expand the federal Rural Microentreprenuer Assistance Program.

As governor, Chris Jones would:

  • Support thriving Main Streets by supporting small businesses across the state, and especially in more rural areas.

  • Invest in and expand grant programs that support women- and minority-owned businesses, with an emphasis on those businesses in the most vulnerable areas across the state.

  • Build on past successes with private-public partnerships to appropriately support small businesses

  • Develop programs to help small business owners maintain more competitive and sustainable wages and benefits for employees