The Promise for Responsible COVID Recovery

The last two years have been extremely difficult as no community has remained untouched by COVID-19—the disease, deaths of friends and family, and affected economically. As we continue in our recovery phase, Chris Jones is mindful of what it looks like to move forward together.

Chris would have more public events across the state where he is personally promoting vaccines and boosters. The state should do much more to present clear COVID-19 facts and counter misinformation, and be ready with updates. Chris would invest much more in engaging faith and community leaders to help with vaccine outreach and distribution.

To support education:

  • School districts should be given significant resources to maintain school vaccine clinics.

  • Chris will maintain clear standards for school modality to protect teachers and alleviate the burden on caregivers.

  • Improve pay for teachers and school staff who are disproportionately burdened by COVID-19 disruptions

  • Support new and current teachers, particularly in rural areas, with enhanced incentives to address the teacher shortage

To boost the economy

  • Continue and expand granting programs for small businesses to ensure continued recovery and growth

  • Create programs to support recovery for businesses most affected by the pandemic, particularly women- and minority-owned businesses and those in rural areas

To build infrastructure

  • Chris Jones will continue to monitor the situation from COVID (and other potential pandemics) and build systems that are immediately responsive to changes, including providing affordable and accessible testing procedures

  • Support health offices, clinics, and hospitals to rebuild workforces through licensing incentives, grant programs, and hiring incentives