The Promise to Defend Reproductive Rights

Getting an abortion is one of the most deeply personal decisions that can be made. Chris Jones trusts women and their families to make that decision — not extremist partisan legislators. Chris Jones supports Roe v. Wade, and is disappointed in the overturning of decades of legal precedence. Tragically, this decision is unlikely to decrease the number of abortions and paves the way for removal of protections for fertility interventions and contraception and opens the door for the erosion of other rights.

Arkansas’s trigger law that leaves no exception for rape and incest is one of the most extreme in the country, leaving Arkansas women vulnerable to the overreaches of an interfering state legislature. Overturning Roe v. Wade will not only undermine decades of judicial precedent, but also open the floodgates for vigilante style laws that pit neighbor against neighbor and would lead to chaos and a new era of big government mandated pregnancies.

As a committed Christian, ordained minister, husband to an awesome wife, and father of three girls, Chris Jones approaches the issue of abortion with deep thought, compassion, and care and refuses to use it as a wedge issue that divides us even more deeply.

To defend reproductive rights, Chris Jones would:

  • Focus on creating and supporting policies that reduce the need for abortion.

  • Establish policies that protect and support women.

  • Fight to prevent undue harm from coming to more vulnerable communities.