Creating Opportunity in Arkansas

Chris Jones wants to spread opportunity all over the state to help improve the lives of every Arkansan.

Chris speaking at a podium

My Promise to Arkansas

The Promise of Arkansas is the Faith that together we can address our challenges. It is the Hope that unified we make space for all Arkansans to live out our unique potential. It is the Hard Work of change in our souls and in our lives. The promise begins by spreading PB&J across the state—expanding preschool to all families, affordable broadband for every home, and economic development focused on creating high wage jobs.

  • The Promise for Preschool for All

    All children in Arkansas should have access to a high quality preschool in their own community— where they can get the foundation they need to start school.

  • The Promise for Achieving Grade-level Reading

    Only a third of Arkansas students read on-level by the end of third grade, creating lifelong learning challenges. Chris Jones supports passing a new comprehensive state law that will put intervention measures in place to keep kids on track.

  • The Promise for Technical & Trade Schools

    Arkansans of all ages should have access to technical schools and workforce training scholarships. As Governor, Chris Jones will help establish standards that keep programs competitive, and Arkansans making good pay for skilled work.

  • The Promise for Community Colleges

    We need to elevate the community college system to provide low-to-no cost degrees and opportunities that will create a competitive, highly skilled Arkansas workforce.

  • The Promise to Support Colleges

    The costs of college -– from tuition to building costs — are growing unchecked. Chris Jones supports passing new laws to rework punitive productivity-based funding formulas.

  • The Promise to Protect Teacher Pay, Resources, and Retirement

    Arkansas is faced with a teacher shortage and schools that are understaffed. We need to pay competitive salaries to support and attract the highly qualified teachers that parents and kids are asking for.

  • The Promise for Fiscal Responsibility

    Government should never be about running up bills and creating debt. As governor, Chris Jones will be committed to being a responsible steward of our tax dollars and resources.

  • The Promise to Bring People Together In Government

    Chris Jones is here to prove that politics does not have to be divisive and destructive, and that as a candidate he can call for accountability while uniting Arkansas. We solve our problems by bringing people together, to find what works, to move us all forward.

  • The Promise to Protect Voting Rights

    We all have the potential to claim the power of our vote. Right now Arkansas is dead last in voter registration and turnout. This is the campaign that’s going to flip the script and give people a reason to turn out to the polls. Every community deserves to claim their seat at the table.