New Chris Jones Ad “Believer” Forecasts Robust Economic Development & Jobs for Arkansans

October 29, 2022 – Campaign News

An Aspiring Belief: Democrat Chris Jones Sets Out Ambitious Path for Arkansas in New Television Ad “Believer”

LITTLE ROCK, AR - As early voting heats up and election day nears, Dr. Chris Jones in a new advertisement “Believer” expresses his sincere belief in Arkansas’ potential as a state for innovation and prosperity. Valuing investments in education, jobs, and infrastructure through his Promise to Arkansas, Jones’ views Arkansas as a magnetic force for economic development and success, building off of the state’s assets of hard-working Arkansans, yet breaking sharply the approach of Arkansas’ past governors that has privileged a tiny number and largely failed to benefit those that need it most. The ad also reflects a stark contrast of Jones’ problem-solving message to the divisive, fear-mongering rhetoric of his opponent Sarah Sanders’ campaign ads.

“When I was growing up, Arkansas’ slogan was ‘The Land of Opportunity’--it was on the back of every license plate for everyone to see. For far too long, Arkansas’ leaders haven’t led by that standard–they have let Arkansans down. It's time for a governor who is dedicated to the full potential of Arkansas” Jones said. “As governor, I will work for a strong and resilient economy that makes our state a magnet for 21st century jobs – for entrepreneurs, small business owners, trade and skilled laborers, everyone – benefitting all Arkansans, no matter their educational background, what they look like or where they live.”

The Promise of Arkansas is Jones’ platform of a set of commitments that Arkansans can make to one another, which can be achieved through the faith, hope, and hard work needed to address the challenges facing Arkansas. The platform centers around spreading “PB&J” – high-quality education starting with expanded Preschool to all families, solid infrastructure starting with affordable Broadband to every home, and real economic development focused on creating high-wage Jobs.

Transcript for “Believer” (:30)

DR. CHRIS JONES: “Arkansas’ governors have been selling this state as a source for cheap labor for decades. Because if we’re cheap, they don’t have to invest in our schools, our small towns, or our healthcare.

“I’m Chris Jones, and as Governor, I’ll make those investments because we’re better than this. We’ll be a magnet for jobs by offering more to business owners, and their employees.

“It’s about time we had a Governor with faith in Arkansas. I’m Chris Jones, and I’m a believer.”

Jones’ pre-election media buy across television networks includes this new ad, as well as several produced ads. “Believer” is Jones’ fifth new video advertisement of the general election, coming after previously released ads “Genius,” “Fear,” “Warning,” and “Great Minds.” Jones won the Democratic nomination in a crowded primary, supported by three ads Jones aired during the primary election season – “Great Minds,” “Every Last Street” and “Skywalker” – and launched his candidacy with ”About Time,” the 2021 video that went viral with more than 7 million views and counting.

In his final push for the Governorship, Jones is on the campaign trail, criss-crossing the state, getting out the vote, and continuing to listen and learn from Arkansans of all backgrounds.

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Dr. Chris Jones, the 2022 Democratic nominee for Governor of Arkansas, is a physicist, minister, educator, non-profit executive leader, father and husband. Chris, a Pine Bluff, Arkansas native, is a son of two preachers and was raised with a strong sense of faith. He attended Morehouse College on a NASA Scholarship for physics and math, then went on to study at MIT becoming a nuclear engineer and earning a Ph.D. in urban planning. After becoming ordained as a minister, Chris returned home to Arkansas and led the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub. Through this work, he has seen firsthand how disparities within Arkansas have gotten worse, not better. He believes there is much room for growth, including improving public education opportunities in every community, strengthening infrastructure from roads to broadband access, protecting and securing our right to vote, and bridging the rural and urban divide. Chris has faith in Arkansas’s potential, and he is running for governor to ensure every person in Arkansas has an opportunity to succeed. Chris is the proud husband to Dr. Jerrilyn Jones, an emergency medicine physician and U.S. Air Force combat veteran who served in Afghanistan. Together, they are proud parents to three daughters.


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