Chris Jones Unveils His First Primary Ad: “Skywalker”

April 19, 2022 – Press Release

Dr. Chris Jones Unveils His First Primary Ad: “Skywalker”

Hopeful Digital Ad Illuminates Gubernatorial Candidate’s Optimism For Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Dr. Chris Jones today released the first primary election advertisement for his campaign to be elected Governor of Arkansas. The ad – titled "Skywalker” and available Tuesday across digital platforms – draws on Jones’s childhood dreams and aspirations to remind voters that Arkansas voters can make a choice to dream big.

“Arkansas gives Arkansans the space to dream impossible dreams – but only if nurtured appropriately,” Jones said.

“We’re not facing an evil Empire bent on vaporizing the planet, but our opponents' plans are still catastrophic for democracy and the middle class in our state. Our communities have gone too long without access to affordable healthcare, broadband internet, early childhood education, and living wage jobs in every county across Arkansas.”

“And while we can’t take on these problems with blasters and lightsabers – we can save the republic by voting for change that will bridge divisions and overcome these challenges.”

“There is a New Hope for Arkansas and it’s going to take all of us working together to make it real.”

The Jones ad – launching weeks before the May 24 Democratic primary election – is part of the campaign’s effort to engage some of the nearly one million voters who could have turned out in 2020 but did not.

Jones announced his candidacy for governor with a June 2021 launch video that has been viewed more than 4.7 million times. Since then, Jones has visited all 75 counties listening to voters and presenting priorities and plans for what he would do as governor to spread opportunity across Arkansas.

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Below is the text transcript of the new Jones ad:


JONES: When I was a kid Growing up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, I dreamed of going to space, of adventures on other worlds.

JONES: But just as all great stories remind us to search inward for our strength, I realized my true inspiration was my own childhood in Arkansas — where space to play, space to explore, and space to learn made anything seem possible.

JONES: I’m Chris Jones. I’m running for Governor. And my real destiny is to make it so for the next generation of Arkansas dreamers.


Dr. Chris Jones grew up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. A son of two preachers, Chris was raised with a strong sense of faith. He attended Morehouse College on a NASA Scholarship for physics and math, then went on to study at MIT becoming a nuclear engineer and earning a Ph.D. in urban planning. After becoming ordained as a minister, Chris returned home to Arkansas and led the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub. Through this work, he has seen firsthand how disparities within Arkansas have gotten worse, not better. He believes there is much room for growth, including improving public education opportunities in every community, strengthening infrastructure from roads to broadband access, protecting and securing our right to vote, and bridging the rural and urban divide. Chris has faith in Arkansas’s potential, and he is running for governor to ensure every person in Arkansas has an opportunity to succeed.


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