Chris Jones Roasts Sarah Huckabee Sanders in New Viral Ad "WARNING"

August 31, 2022


LITTLE ROCK, AR - As her former boss faces an espionage investigation, Sarah Huckabee Sanders takes incoming fire from an increasingly assertive Democratic rival. In the new spot, Dr. Chris Jones warns that an Arkansas governed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders will serve as an incubator for policies that will be devastating to all Americans. Jones suggests that a vote for him can spare the country from Sanders whose “entire record…entire experience is Donald Trump.”

“Working with Trump has turned into a shameful chapter in American history. It’s not a qualification for governing– it’s the opposite. She’s offering us less than nothing,” said Jones this morning.

The message has resonated to the tune of 150,000 views across all digital platforms as of this morning.


Transcript for “Warning” (:90)

DR. CHRIS JONES: “What would you give for a world where you didn’t know who Ron DeSantis is? Put a number on it. Send that to my campaign.
Greg Abbott. Kay Ivey. The Supreme Court has turned Republican Governors into kings! This dude thinks he’s king of Mississippi. I don’t want to scare you, but if my opponent, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, wins in Novem… you are never, ever, ever getting rid of her.
“The daughter of former Republican governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee.” Yeah, that’s her. “Just a mouthpiece for depravity.” That too. The brazen, relentless, dead-eyed lying. She’s running for governor of Arkansas.
But there’s good news: So am I. Democrats love to be angry about stuff; and Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to give you so many opportunities. Sarah has Donald Trump in her ads. Her entire record is Donald Trump. Her entire experience is Donald Trump.
You think Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to let Ron DeSantis upstage her? She will turn Arkansas into an incubator for the worst policies and ideas in America, and they will make their way to the Supreme Court. Next thing you know they’re in your backyard. You can wake up every day for the next four years knowing that choice is safe in Arkansas, or you can wake up and delete scary, end of the world emails from Democratic fundraisers for the next 4 to 8 years. We don’t have to go through that. Help me help Arkansas and America, now.”
Jones aired three ads during the primary election season – “Great Minds,” “Every Last Street” and “Skywalker” – and launched his candidacy with ”About Time,” the 2021 video that went viral with more than 5.4 million views and counting.
Right now, Jones is visiting all 75 counties of Arkansas with his Walk A Mile In Your Shoes tour, listening to voters and presenting priorities and plans for what he would do as governor to spread opportunity across Arkansas. This tour is a followup to his previous 75-county Promise of Arkansas tour earlier this year. Visit for more information.

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Dr. Chris Jones, the 2022 Democratic nominee for Governor of Arkansas, is a physicist, minister, educator, non-profit executive leader, father and husband. Chris, a Pine Bluff, Arkansas native, is a son of two preachers and was raised with a strong sense of faith. He attended Morehouse College on a NASA Scholarship for physics and math, then went on to study at MIT becoming a nuclear engineer and earning a Ph.D. in urban planning. After becoming ordained as a minister, Chris returned home to Arkansas and led the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub. Through this work, he has seen firsthand how disparities within Arkansas have gotten worse, not better. He believes there is much room for growth, including improving public education opportunities in every community, strengthening infrastructure from roads to broadband access, protecting and securing our right to vote, and bridging the rural and urban divide. Chris has faith in Arkansas’s potential, and he is running for governor to ensure every person in Arkansas has an opportunity to succeed. Chris is the proud husband to Dr. Jerrilyn Jones, an emergency medicine physician and U.S. Air Force combat veteran who served in Afghanistan. Together, they are proud parents to three daughters.

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