Chris Jones Responds to SCOTUS Ruling and Releases His Promise to Defend Reproductive Rights

June 24, 2022 – Campaign News

Chris Jones, Democratic nominee for Governor of Arkansas, released this statement via his campaign social media channels earlier today:

#SCOTUS overturning #Roe sets a dangerous precedent. No matter your race, age, or socioeconomics, we believe women and their doctors should have control over their medical decisions. Not the government, not politicians, and certainly not the courts.

Make no mistake: This decision is an all out assault on women’s rights, an attack that’s been in the works for decades. And now, they’ve been able to overturn a decision that’s overwhelmingly popular everywhere, while also robbing women of their autonomy in the process.

The attack on #Roe won’t just stop here, either. We’re already witnessing an attack on our voting rights, our right to privacy, our access to an education, and so much more. Our children will have fewer rights than our parents at this rate, and we just can’t let that happen.

I’m disinterested in getting tangled in the weeds of the argument — a ban is a ban is a ban, and as governor, I will protect the rights of women. My opponent will not, and therein lies one of many big differences in our campaigns.

True power lies within grassroots organizing and mass movements, like ours. #SCOTUS may have the jurisdiction to make this federal decision on #Roe, but we hold the power to protect everyone’s reproductive choices in Arkansas by mobilizing together despite our differences.

Read our Promise to Defend Reproductive Rights:

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